Essen switches to bikes

In the Ruhr metropolis of Essen, the bicycle is on its way to the top. The route of the former Rheinische Bahn is being expanded into the “Radschnellweg Ruhr” and runs over 100 kilometers through the middle of the Ruhr region – a unique project in Europe and an expression of a forward-looking transport policy. New transportation concepts also promote cycling in Essen: For example, the “Metropolradruhr” rental bike system, which can now be used at over 50 stations throughout the city. Everyone can reach their destination in Essen easily and inexpensively.

For example, on cycle lanes where you can cycle side by side in a relaxed manner. In addition, there are traffic lights that are specially designed for cyclists, because in Essen, the bicycle has equal status with all other modes of transport in traffic planning. The bike is therefore also the ideal complement to buses and trains. Commuters arriving at the main station, for example, can pick up their securely parked bike at any time – at the bike station just a few steps away.

In addition, many of the pedestrian zones and one-way streets are open to cyclists and more and more businesses in Essen now have suitable parking facilities for bicycles. They offer the opportunity to change clothes before starting work. You can also use your bike to explore the tourist highlights of the city and region. For example, well-developed cycle paths lead directly to the Zollverein World Heritage Site.

The cycling network in Essen has now grown to over 350 kilometers in length. Cyclists will find special cycle route signposts everywhere, which provide precise distance information for the right orientation – to districts and sights in Essen or neighboring towns – which can be easily reached via regional routes.

Essen is switching to bicycles and thanks to an ever-expanding infrastructure, a forward-looking transport policy and many committed citizens who get involved in the annual city cycling event and make the “Nachtradeln” a real event, the bicycle is on the way forward in the Ruhr metropolis of Essen.

Bike rental: 7,50 €/day