Activities & surroundings

There are plenty of activities in and around Essen!

Whether it’s bright sunshine or rainy weather… here you’ll find something for all weather conditions!

We have summarized a few examples for you here. But there is much more to discover.

You certainly won’t be bored in Essen!

Aalto Theater

The Aalto-Theater is a renowned opera house in Essen, Germany. It was designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and opened in 1988. The theater is known for its outstanding acoustics and modern architecture. It seats around 1,200 spectators and regularly hosts performances of operas, ballets, musicals and other stage productions.

Distance: 1.0 km (on foot)

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Lake Baldeney

Lake Baldeney is an artificial reservoir in the south of Essen, Germany. It was created in the 1930s by damming the Ruhr and is now a popular recreational area for the residents of Essen and the surrounding region.

Lake Baldeney offers numerous leisure activities such as sailing, surfing, rowing, swimming and fishing. There are also beautiful cycling and hiking trails along the lake that invite you to go for walks and bike rides. The shores of Lake Baldeney are lined with green spaces and parks that invite you to relax, picnic and barbecue.

There are also restaurants, cafés and beer gardens along the lake that offer wonderful views of the water. Lake Baldeney is not only a popular excursion destination for residents of the region, but also a magnet for tourists who want to enjoy nature and relaxation in Essen.

Distance: approx. 14 km

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GOP Variety Theater

The GOP Varieté-Theater Essen is a venue that specializes in variety shows. It is located in Essen, Germany, and offers its visitors a mixture of live entertainment, artistry, comedy and acrobatic performances.

The shows at the GOP Essen vary depending on the season and the program, but they always offer a unique blend of first-class entertainment and culinary delights. Guests can often enjoy a dinner before or after the show, making the experience a holistic pleasure.

The GOP Varieté-Theater Essen is known for its high-quality productions and its cozy atmosphere. It is a popular choice for a fun evening out for couples, families or groups of friends looking for a unique cultural experience.

Distance: approx. 1.2 km (on foot)

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The Grugahalle is an event hall in Essen, Germany. It was opened in 1958 and offers space for up to 8,000 visitors. The hall is a popular venue for concerts, shows, trade fairs and other events.

Distance: 3 to 4 km

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The Grugapark is a large public park in Essen, Germany. Here you will find a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. The park covers an area of around 70 hectares and offers a green oasis in the middle of the city.

In the Grugapark, you can stroll through beautiful garden landscapes that have their own charms in every season. There are themed gardens, water features, flower beds and many plants from all over the world to discover. The park also offers numerous playgrounds, picnic areas and quiet zones for relaxing.

A special highlight in the Grugapark is the Grugabad, an outdoor pool that provides cooling in summer. Here visitors can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the warm days.

In addition to nature, the Grugapark also offers cultural events and activities. From concerts and theater performances to art exhibitions and markets, there is always something interesting to experience.

There is an entrance fee to the Grugapark, but it is worth it to enjoy the variety of leisure activities and the beautiful surroundings.

Distance: 3-4 km

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Limbecker Platz

Limbecker Platz is a shopping center in the city center of Essen, Germany. It was opened in 2008 and has since become a popular shopping destination in the region.

The shopping center extends over several floors and offers a wide selection of stores, restaurants, cafés and entertainment options. Visitors will find a variety of national and international brands as well as local retailers offering fashion, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, household goods and much more.

Limbecker Platz is not only popular for shopping, but also as a meeting place for residents and visitors to Essen. The modern ambience, the wide range of shopping options and the central location make it a lively place that enriches the cityscape of Essen.

Distance: approx. 800 meters

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Essen Trade Fair

Messe Essen is a major trade fair and event center in Essen, Germany. It offers a variety of modern halls and event rooms on a large site. Messe Essen is known for its international trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions and events covering various sectors such as industry, trade, services and culture. The best-known events include the Essen Motor Show, E-world energy & water and the “Spiel” toy fair.

Distance: approx. 3-4 km

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Movie Park

Movie Park Germany is an amusement park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany. The park was opened in 1996 and offers its visitors a variety of attractions and rides based on movie and TV themes.

At Movie Park Germany, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite films and series, including well-known titles such as “Star Trek”, “Nickelodeon”, “Ice Age” and many more. The park offers a wide range of entertainment options, including roller coasters, shows, live entertainment and interactive experiences.

Movie Park Germany is a popular destination for families, movie fans and theme park lovers and offers entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Distance: 22-26 km

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Philharmonic Hall

The Philharmonie Essen is a renowned concert hall in Essen, Germany. It was opened in 2004 and is known for its modern architecture and excellent acoustics. The Philharmonie Essen offers a wide range of musical performances, including concerts by renowned orchestras, chamber music ensembles, soloists and choirs. In addition to classical music, jazz concerts, world music events and other cultural events are also presented in the Philharmonie Essen.

Distance: 1 km (on foot)

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Sealife Oberhausen

SEA LIFE Oberhausen is an aquarium and marine aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. It is located in CentrO, a large shopping and leisure complex, and is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages.

It offers a fascinating underwater world where visitors can experience a variety of marine life up close. The main attractions include huge sharks, majestic sea turtles, colorful tropical fish, lively seahorses and much more.

A visit to SEA LIFE Oberhausen is not only an entertaining and educational experience, but also raises awareness for the protection of the oceans and their inhabitants. There are interactive exhibitions, informative talks and activities to help raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation.

SEA LIFE Oberhausen is a popular excursion destination for families, school classes and anyone interested in the fascinating world of the oceans.

Distance: 14-16 km

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City of Essen

Essen is a city in the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is known for its industrial past, particularly as a center of coal mining and steel production. Today, Essen is a modern city with a diverse economic structure that has developed from traditional industries to services, education and research.

The city of Essen offers a rich cultural scene, ranging from renowned museums such as the Museum Folkwang and the Ruhr Museum to event venues such as the Philharmonie Essen. Essen is also known for its green oases, including the Grugapark and Lake Baldeney, which offer recreational opportunities and leisure activities for residents and visitors.

Essen is part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region and has good transport connections, including highways, rail links and Düsseldorf International Airport nearby.

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Starlight Express

“Starlight Express” is a world-famous musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The German production of the musical has its permanent venue in the Starlight Express Theater in Bochum, Germany, which was built especially for this performance.

The musical tells the story of trains that come to life and compete against each other in a spectacular race. The actors wear roller skates and embody various train characters competing for the title of the fastest train in the world.

“Starlight Express” was first performed in London in 1984 and has been a great success ever since, winning numerous awards. The German production in Bochum is one of the longest-running musical productions in the world and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Distance: 20 km

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Zollverein colliery

The Zollverein World Heritage Site – also known as the “most beautiful colliery in the world” – is now one of the most impressive industrial monuments and a center of creative industries in the Ruhr region.

100 hectares in the north of Essen, Shaft XII, Shaft 1/2/8 and the Zollverein coking plant. The first shaft was sunk in 1847, the last coal was mined in 1986 and the coking plant was shut down in 1993. The buildings and facilities have been officially listed since 2000. In 2001, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Preservation through conversion is the solution.

Diversity determines the offer. History, culture, creativity, events, gastronomy, leisure – Zollverein offers all of this to around one million visitors a year.

Distance: approx. 6 km

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